The MSN (Deadly Trio) Messi | Suarez | Neymar

The MSN (Deadly Trio) Messi | Suarez | Neymar:

Barcelona is considered to be one of the greatest football clubs in the word today. The team is filled by technically exuberant players, Like Messi, Neymar and Suarez.who are definitely a star in themselves. Yet, the much of the success credit and recognition of the team comes from their extra ordinary line-up at the front.

MSN Trio

The team possesses probably the world’s best forward playing, trio combination. One, which many football playing clubs and even international teams would envy. The team’s start-studded forward consists of the currently ruling King of Soccer (according to many) Lionel Messi, the heir of the throne (undoubtedly) Neymar Junior and the predator striker, Luis Suarez.

The speed, technique and the rhythm of these three (The MSN)individuals set them apart not only from the competitors but also from the rest of their team. With Messi playing on the left side of the forward attack and Neymar on left, all Suarez has to do really is to look out for that few yard opening, dart onto the ball like a predator and put the finishing touch to the lethal attack (easier said than being done).

This The MSN deadly trio held the gigantic torch of Barcelona’s success and has managed to raise it higher and higher with the passing time. That includes a continuous 35-matches win streak, which hasn’t been achieved by any other club as of yet.

However, their achievements and medals are way beyond any mention. In fact, it is actually the way these three players understand each other, that catches the football fans’ amusements. They can literally anticipate each and every move of one another.

The reputation of Messi, although, far-exceeds than that of the other two players. Reportedly it has never really seemed to cause any riff among the trio and as a matter of fact they think it is because of Messi that they perform so homogenously.

Of courseall three of them hold the stature of a “celebrity”, but it is majorly their techniques and skills that define them. Similarly the combination is considered to be “deadly” just because of their separate techniques and skills, gelling together to create an unbeatable attacking line-up.

Here’s a brief look into their qualities though;


This argentine player is considered as not only one of the greatest players of all time. But also Messi is quoted amongst the likes of the footballing hero, Marodonna. However, his ability and skill set far exceeds his popularity.
The comparison with the football genius is also quite inevitable since A. Both the players represent the same international teams i.e. Argentina. Albeit the nationality is one of the reasons for the comparison of two, it is in fact their similar playing style that catches the eyes.

Messi is known to be the “team player”. Who involves in an attack as a “team” and try to create opportunities for his team mates to “finish” the attack which he builds up (most of the attacks). Known to be one of the selfless attacking Mid-fielders, Messi never shy away from putting the ball in the net himself.

It is the speed of Messi that makes him one of the world greatest players. Furthermore, it is his speed that helps him build up an attack that no one can think of in their sane minds.

Always looking to through the ball along his opponent to his striker, Messi also loves taking on the opponent, one-on-one with a full sprint counter attack too.

Messi is a staggering name in football fan’s dictionary and contributes equally well when playing with his club and/or nation.


Hailing from the nation that has provided world football with players that are unmatchable, Neymar Jnr is credited as the likes of Ronaldinho or Pele. Neymar, not just with his ability but also with his statistics, proved that he’s no lesser than the latter.

Neymar’s exuberant skills are evident from his record of holding the most fouled against player. The record estimates of almost 4+ fouls by players in any game against him.

Albeit it must hurt (physically) to endure all these hardships and yet manage to stay fit almost most of the times. It is also a result of his successful dribbling that pushes his opponents to the point of frustration.

The art of Neymar’s glorious football career lie in his control over ball dribbling. It is his firm command in this department that allows him to beat almost any defender at his will. Almost all of the greatest defenders have had troubles stopping the attack once Neymar gets on the ball.

How The MSN works, Like Messi, who he considers his mentor; Neymar too likes to believe him being a “Team player”. His individual record and/or stats become the second priority against the team’s victory being the first. He likes to assist goals and have a number of 80+ chances created this season only.

Playing for Barcelona can be really difficult for any young and developing footballer. However this 24 year old Brazilian is never bothered by the over shadowing presence of Leonel Messi and continue to shine his own halo in a way that he had become integral for Messi’s attacking instinct.


Often been under fire for his lack of “finishing” touch, Luis Suarez has yet managed to stay on the top of the best striker’s list in today’s world. Although, Suarez’s techniques and skills can’t be compared with other Striking greats like Benzema or Ibrahimovic, his “hunger” for success though exceeds any other potential contenders.

Suarez hails from Uruguay and is an important part of today’s legendary Barcelona’s line-up. He has made his mark in the team with his “always being there” attitude throughout the pitch that he exhibits and that is why he is always the center of attention on any lob, set pieces or any attack in whatever way.

Luis Suarez is always aggressively looking for the opening in the opponent’s defense, even if it is of mere inches. He can find it and exploit it like no other. This role of Suarez is fully utilized by rest of his team mates too. They know that someone would always be there to collect those lose air lofted balls. Not only to collect, but also to direct them towards opponents net.

Even if you miss a shot or two, you can’t miss all of the many chances, which at times are impossible for any other player, but not for Luis Suarez. Hence, the final nail in the Barcelona’s opponent coffin is always their aggressive striker, Luis Suarez.


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