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Elaborating the Lionel Messi House, it is a great combination of engineering and football as the design icon. It is spread over a large area of about 35km in size and is alienated into two equal segments depicting pictures of a football pitch.

One portion consists of a huge sized swimming pool and is a remarkable represents football as a game of two halves. On the left side is the entrance and if seen from the top appears as the number 1, and if seen in the middle main house stretches the impression of the jersey number 10.

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The Lionel Messi well represents the ball with timeless hexagonal outlines which permeate the entire arrangement and construction. The roof is hooded with mirrored glass, allowing the entrance of natural light in addition to vegetation.

Lionel Messi House:

The Messi’s house is well equipped with modern tools and technologies making it the modern and loveable house of the current times. He lives here with Antonella Roccuzzo, his wife and two sons named Thiago and Mateo.

We have the contemporary people following the benchmark of not carrying work to home. Yet the case becomes different when it comes to a sports star like Lionel Messi.

On the canvas of the green smooth field, you will see one star shooting transversely over beyond any doubt as frequently, wearing his number10 shirt.

The prudence, the evening out, the feet when it touches the ball, those baffling passes and some cerebrum spills and you know you are review the persistent Lionel Messi, the sovereign of soccer.

Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittinni, generally called “Leo” Messi was imagined on 24 June 1987 in Rosario in Santa Fe Province, Argentina. His father, Jorge Horacio Messi, was a worker in the steel modern office and his mother Celia Maria Cuccittini was an area – time all the more spotless.

Messi has a sister, Maria Sol and two senior kin, Matias and Rodrigo. He started playing football from the age of five for the gathering Grandoli, which was told by his father.

One of the greatest players of the times has the pleasure of having five BallonD’Ors to his credit and along with another prominent figure named Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Messi born in Argentina, moved to Barcelona at the young age of 13, making his great debut at 17 and becoming a football celebrity over a short period of time.

Lionel Messi House Worth:

When it comes to living, the star is seen eating and breathing all day in a football shaped house. With the assistance of the Luis Garrido, a professional architect, Messi has successfully designed a soccer ball house that he named as the One- Zero Eco House.

He loves seeing the same house and if rumors are to be believed, it is known to have a totals 7 million euros, as designing cost. And for a player with a net worth of 230 million euros, is not a big deal.

His spirit of the football is well reflected through the mansion. This Lionel Messi house is situated 22 miles at the outer side Barcelona in the Castelldefels area. The area oversees the Catalan mountains and is constructed on a land molded into a football field.

Found beautifully in the center of the nature, is a well presented project of the architect Luis de Garrido, who is known for many of his awesome creations including supermodel Naomi Campbel’s house.

He has proved his worth by building house, reflecting the taste of the owner. His minute details of the interest and preferences are well studied and represent in his dream mansion fulfilling his emotional and physical needs. The architect is reported saying following words for Lionel Messis house:

‘Messi’s house is closely related to him, his idiosyncrasies, his personality and even his own torments. I would say the most important personality of Messi is duality, determination and self-belief.’

And also that:

‘Messi is a person who has come from little and had to work for what he had. Messi’s house symbolizes duality.’

Lionel Messi House Pics:


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