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Cristiano Ronaldo Museum has its latest exhibit as diamond-encrusted boots commemorating his Premier League stay are put on display… but there is no nod to Manchester United!

There are good players and then there are great players. Then there are superstars who won the field. And then there is Cristiano Ronaldo who has his own museum. Yes, that’s right.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a museum dedicated to him and that quite boldly names him the Best Player in The World. Sorry, Messi. Ronaldo seems to always one-up you.

The museum may not be one big, shiny glass building but it is has quite the personal touch. The museum is located in Ronaldo’s birth city, Funchal, the capital of Madeira.

Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, The museum is the brainchild on another Ronaldo; a proud younger brother who wanted to show-off his brother’s hard earned and well-deserved trophies housed together under one roof.

Cristiano Ronaldo Museum:

The museum was originally opened in December 2013 and it was a small one-storey building, nothing flashy and easy to miss. But due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ever-expanding trophy collection, the museum had to be expanded. Now, it is a two-storey building that covers approximately 1400 square feet and sports the famed CR7 logo.

More importantly, Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, the museum is named Museum CR7. There is a magnificent statue of Cristiano Ronaldo that was sculptured by Ricardo Veloza and a plaque that names him the Best Player of The World. The museum has a small entrance fee of 5 pounds for adults and free entry for children under 10.

Since the number ‘7’ is so special, it is like a magical spell in this museum. Any child who is sever years of age, gets free entry and an extra ticket for free. And not just that, if you are a group of seven you get free entry! If you have neither the seven years of age alone or a head count of seven, then you can simply scream seven as you walk. Free entry, y’all!

The whole area of the museum is now dedicated solely to Ronaldo. Well, Cristiano Ronaldo is quite worshipped in Portugal and even more for his big win in Euro 2016. Right next to the museum, is the Pestana CR7 Hotel. 48 guests room, CR7 suites and a roof-top swimming pool. Need I say more or are you speechless enough?

Inside the Museum CR7, there are large cabinets filled with replica trophies. Everything this superstar has ever won in his 24 years of professional career. Some are tacky and others will leave you dumb-struck. There are over 160 trophies in total. There is also a large cabinet full of footballs and shirts.

A statue of the great athlete and this time in color stands in all its glory. On the background is Cristiano Ronaldo’s career in beautiful graphics. This is a star of the fans and his museum houses cabinets full of letters from his fans. No wonder we all love him so much!


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