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For those of you who are living under a rock, Instagram is a photo and video only social media platform. And the platform is unsurprisingly dominated by celebrities and their fan pages where fans can just not stop drooling over their favorites. Cristiano Ronaldo instagram is one of them.

The Football Freaks:

Football freak or no, the celebrity and the football superstar has a huge following and why not? His drool-worthy looks can generously be credited for that.

Ronaldo takes his social media pages quite seriously and that is good. Because it makes the fans seem really special.

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram – The official Page:

The official Cristiano Ronaldo page is @Cristiano and it has a massive following of over 95 million people. Well, can’t say we are surprised, can we? Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most famous athlete and a huge chunk of that title goes to his social media pages.

One great Instagram page made in honor of this football superstar is @ronaldofans. It is made by a loyal fan and followed by almost 2 hundred thousand people. And this one is not all. You think the world’s most loved football player has just one fanpage on Instagram?

Another great Instagram page made by fans is @cr7.idol. Well, idol is right because Cristiano Ronaldo is idolized by so many fans. Especially fans from his native land Portugal where the superstar is almost treated God-like.

The Real Madrid football star is loved and idolized in Portugal in the most unordinary of ways. He has his very own museum. Not owned by him but dedicated solely to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram- Followers- Pikore

He has a luxury hotel named after him. We have yet to see a celebrity cross that milestone. Cristiano Ronaldo really does set out of the world benchmarks when it comes to celebrity achievements.

Coming back to Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram fame, the huge following is also the result of his shirtless personal selfies that set our hearts and the internet on fire.

His insane good looks and edgy haircut can get the blame of making and breaking many hearts and his Instagram page proves just that.His ever growing following shows how loyal and loving his fans are.

Cristiano Ronaldo likes to post and communicate with the fans on a personal level on his Instagram page, sharing pictures of himself and family. Really keeps the fans happy and coming back for more. Have to say, nice move Mr. Ronaldo.


It is no wonder this megastar is so widely loved. Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for more than just his skills with the ball. His haircut, abs, wardrobe choice, looks and his heart made out of gold all reflect in the vastness of his worldwide fandom. Nothing more to say, just please keep posting selfies Ronaldo. We really appreciate them.


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